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Our Core Services

A Roadmap to AI Adoption

Elevate your business with our tailored AI strategies. Ensure longevity and capture unparalleled value with our expert insights and bespoke solutions.

  • Fractionalized Chief AI Officers

    Elevate your executive team with our Fractionalized Chief AI Officers. Gain top-tier AI leadership expertise on-demand to drive your AI strategy, oversee implementation, and foster a culture of innovation, all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

  • GenAI Software Development

    Harness the creative power of AI with our Generative AI Software Development. From automated content creation to personalized customer experiences, our solutions are designed to revolutionize your services and product offerings.

  • AI Maturity Assessments

    Assess the sophistication of your AI capabilities with our AI Maturity Assessments. We provide a comprehensive review of your AI practices, benchmarking them against industry standards to create a roadmap for advanced AI integration and adoption.

  • AI Governance Frameworks

    Implement robust AI Governance Frameworks to navigate the complex AI landscape responsibly. Our tailored frameworks ensure ethical, transparent, and compliant AI operations, aligning with regulatory standards while supporting scalable growth.

  • Generative AI Training

    Empower your staff with the knowledge of AI and its possibilities through our comprehensive AI and Generative AI Training programs. We help your team upskill and adapt to the evolving AI landscape, fostering innovation from within.

  • Machine Learning

    Unlock actionable insights and predictive power with our Machine Learning and Data Science services. We delve into your data to build intelligent models that not only inform strategic decisions but also drive operational efficiencies and competitive advantage.


AI Builders

Our expert team, certified by industry leaders, possesses extensive knowledge in the entire AI tech stack, ensuring we can adeptly manage any project, guaranteeing you're always in capable hands.

Meet the Team

Leveraging Our AI Expertise to Drive Your Digital Transformation and Business Success

  • Team Member Avatar
    CEO and Co-Founder

    Michael Houghton

    ML, AI & Prompt Engineering

    Michael excels in integrating engineering prowess with AI expertise. With certifications from IBM and DeepLearning.AI, he specializes in Python, machine learning, and AI for societal benefits. His prior role as a Senior Engineering Consultant at a Fortune 500 company adds depth to his capabilities in project management and interdisciplinary leadership.

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  • Team Member Avatar
    Director and Co-Founder

    Matthew Gearing

    ML, Data Science & Cloud Engineering

    Matthew holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of London. With a broad academic foundation in machine learning, neural networks, and data science, Matthew also holds a 'Neural Networks and Deep Learning' certification. His real-world experience in start-ups enriches his academic grounding, making him a dual asset in technical expertise and strategic business acumen.

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  • Team Member Avatar
    Director and AI Business Analyst

    Dillan Sievwright

    ML, AI & Prompt Engineering

    Dillan is a unique blend of engineering and finance, fortified by certifications in AI and blockchain technologies. A University of Edinburgh alum, he is proficient in Python, machine learning, and AI-driven software development. Dillan's ongoing work on an AI-powered protocol underscores his inventive approach in the intersection of blockchain and AI.

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  • Team Member Avatar
    Lead Software Engineer

    Max Whitehead

    Full-Stack Software Engineering

    Max is a seasoned full-stack developer with knowledge in crafting software solutions. With proficiency in leveraging GenAI APIs, integrating advanced payment technologies, and building robust web architectures, Max consistently upholds software engineering principles, ensuring scalability, performance, and security in every project.

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